Sunday, 16 February 2014

Water, water, where?

Off to Diamond on the train. Because of all the rain there is a lot of flooding down south. Diamond itself is built close to the Ridgeway and isn't threatened by the flooding as far as I am aware but getting there may prove more problematic.
To get to Diamond using public transport you take the train to Didcot parkway. You can approach Didcot from the east, via Reading or the north via Oxford. Both directions have problems with flooding of the Thames so travel may be interesting. The train companies tell me that since on Sundays there is a reduced service anyway they are hoping that the usual Sunday service will run anyway despite the flooding. We shall see.

Water, water everywhere.... Both the lines from Reading and from Oxford to Didcot are affected by the recent flooding of the Thames.

As it turns out (for once) the rail companies seemed to be correct. A trouble-free journey to Diamond.

Conscious that the comments on Brian Clegg's Observer piece in the Observer state that Diamond has the best restaurant of all of Europe's synchrotrons (a scary thought at times) I thought I should document the food this week. Photos will be forthcoming as well though tonight my camera is recharging.

So tonight I ate an acceptable mushroom and spinach curry followed by a chocolate brownie with cream. Sundays are often a low point in the culinary week at Diamond in my experience so hopefully this augurs well for the rest of the visit. Mind you, the minute steak baguette on offer looked well dodgy!

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