Saturday, 22 February 2014

The final furlong

Lunch was some sort of pasta bake. It shows how tired I am after a week on the beamline that I can't remember what it was. The plus side to this means that it can't have been too bad, on the down side it wasn't memorable. Looking at the picture I think it was a spinach type thing. Looks beige and green to me.

What looks like a pasta bake with cheese on top and spinach
Dinner is more recent so I haven't forgotten it yet. It was fish pie. It actually tasted quite pleasant but seemed to be more a rehash of the spinach from lunch with copious quantities of peas and a few bits of fish thrown in for good measure. The beans, I am afraid to say, were not good; I didn't eat them.

Fish pie?

Looks good so far (even the beans LOOK OK)

But what's this under the crust? Lots and lots of peas. Where's the fish?
Last night I forgot to report the evening discussion. Following the data processing break through I thought we ought to dance around the beamline and suggested a polka. Sadly no one took me up on the offer. Steffi thought I was talking about pole cats and Liane wondered why I wanted to put a cat on a pole! Just so there is no doubt.....
Two happy beamline scientists dancing a polka after processing their data successfully

A somewhat shy postgraduate student wondering if it is safe to come out from hiding

A Leeds geochemistry professor sitting in lofty isolation.
You can tell we've been here a week. If anyone is interested I'll summarise the science we've achieved (which has been great) in the next post.

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