Sunday, 6 December 2015

Back in the field

We were back in the field on Friday sampling earthworms for SoilBioHedge. We last sampled in April. We're back sampling to look at any seasonal variation in the earthworm distributions between the hedge and the centre of the fields. But also, now our ley strips have been established we can start to see if they are effecting earthworm distributions.

An arable ley established in pasture (Sub paddock field)
Sorting through the soil using the truck as a work bench

Happiness is a pile of sol and earthworms!
Sampling at this time of year is always a lottery. We were supposed to start on Thursday but the forecast was heavy rain so I cancelled. Needless to say, it didn't rain much, at least in York. Friday was chilly but fine and we got a fair amount of sampling done. Spring sampling involves sitting in sunny fields, winter sampling standing up and working off the truck so we don't get rheumatism! We have Monday and Tuesday pencilled in to finish this tranche. Weather is forecast fine so far - it might even feel slightly warm!

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