Thursday, 9 July 2015

Strikes and travel

It dawned on me today that my last work-related trip also had the spectre of strike action hovering over it. That trip was to Nanjing whereas this one has been to the slightly less exotic Didcot. Nonetheless strike action can be waring if you're travelling; there is currently a tube strike in London and the Great Western trains that go between London and Didcot are also experiencing industrial action. There have been TV shots of massive queues for buses in London which looked at bit mad but I wasn't that bothered about that as I enjoy walking through London. On the otherhand I was a little concerned about the Great Western industrial action that could potentially mess up getting from Paddington to Didcot. In the end there were no problems and I arrived nicely on time at the Premier Inn in Didcot. Tomorrow the science starts.

No wild mobs queuing for the bus

A closed tube station

Destinations end - the Didcot South Premier Inn
No traffic jams

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