Tuesday, 10 September 2013

British Science Association festival

There's lots of science going on this week at the annual British Science Association festival, held this week in Newcastle.

I was there on Family Sunday with my earthworms, crystal models, lumps of calcite and some microscopes. Apart from having to drive there (given that York and Newcastle are on the East coast line why is it not possible to get to Newcastle for 9 am on a Sunday morning by train?) I had a great day but was hoarse by the end of it and wishing that Emma had stayed around to the end of her contract so she could have been there to help. After all Newcastle is at least as glamorous as the Jet Propulsion Lab. and Pasadena, surely?

Visitor interest in my exhibit "Time travelling to past environments: What can we learn from earthworm poo?"

Lots of interest in the earthworms from three year olds - who tend to point at the earthworms and try and pull the balls off the crystal models - to people of indeterminate age. I think the really good thing about events like these are that people with an interest in science can come along and talk to scientists and hear about stuff that otherwise they wouldn't come across. I talked to lots of people who said they used to do science (say at school or university) but didn't any more and that events like these made them miss it.

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