Friday, 23 August 2013

Confessions of a conference attendee

Day 1: 23rd August

I left York at 6 pm en route to the 2013 Goldschmidt International Geochemistry conference in Florence via London Heathrow tomorrow morning and flight to Rome, changing in Paris and a train ride to Florence. I should always remember that I am lucky to have a job with these opportunities to travel. The flights and train rides are an excellent opportunity to catch up on reading and reviewing papers and proposals if nothing else.
What should be an excellent blogging opportunity has been rendered slightly less exciting as my wife has the camera in Edinburgh. Therefore I’ll add photos retrospectively.
The lack of a camera is particularly disappointing tonight as I am staying in the architectural splendour of the Heathrow Central Travel Lodge “Welcome to the best Travel Lodge” said the receptionist, though at least she had a smile on her face. I shall compare the architecture with great interest to that on offer in Florence tomorrow!

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