Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I'm a scientist - get me out of here

I’m currently taking part in “I’m a scientist – get me out of here”. Luckily there are no bush-tucker trial equivalents where you have to eat as many chemicals as possible to get points for the camp! It’s a scheme funded by, amongst others, the Science and Technology Facilities Council to help with science engagement. School pupils post in questions on the web that you have to answer. There are also live web-chat sessions. I’m competing against 4 other scientists (all PhD students as it happens) and trying to avoid being evicted by the votes of the school pupils. The first votes are in and much to my delight I haven’t been evicted! This is probably the pinnacle of my scientific career.

Hard at work answering questions from School pupils in real time

A random selection of questions for you to consider (imagine these questions coming in every 5 seconds and trying to answer them all quickly):
How do electrons flow through a graphine sheet? 
Hey im lewis and when im older i want to be a car sales man does this involve science?
What is the relationship of gravity to the other basic forces of the universe?
Where do bananas come from?
How do snails have babies?
Why does your tongue heal quicky?
If you put a mirror a really long way away in the universe will you see dinosaurs?

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